The Beginning...

The world of superstition says that 13 is an unlucky number. But for the Watson Family, that number is a blessing. The Lord Almighty squashed that superstition when he blessed Sam and Ella Watson of Shack, GA with 13 children.  Thus began the Watson legacy and the occasion for our family reunions.  Within and among those 13 children, God poured out his blessings. For you see, our legacy is rooted first and foremost in faith of a living God, Who has redeemed us back to Himself through Jesus then family.  And since God established the family, our family reunions are very important.  Faith in God, love towards one another and unity are establish through the family.  Thank you God for the blessed 13!

The children of Sam and Ella are:

1. Mattie Bell

2. Lewis

3. Jessie

4. Marietta

5. Ella

6. Charlie West

7. James

8. Ida

9. Mary

10. Ernest

11. Catherine

12. Melinda

13. Isaiah

The legacy and history of our family is continuous. We are ever changing and evolving. But if we do not know and understand our past, our forefathers and foremothers, we will become stagnant-salt without savor. Let’s remain faithful and steadfast-embracing out rich heritage and contributing to it legacy. Let’s us love one another, encourage one another, and pray for one another. Remember always that it is God Who unites us, sustain is and lifts us to greater heights, not only as individual, but also as a family!

Mary Watson-Morris
Mary Watson-Morris

Mary Watson-Morris

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